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Let Greece Breathe  is a campaign for hope and justice. We aim to show that Greece and the Greek people are not alone in their hour of need. A victory for Greece will be a victory for people everywhere – that is why the battle is so fierce.

You can help by endorsing the statement and pledge below.

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Let Greece Breathe – Statement and Pledge

We recognise the democratic will of the Greek people who have elected to reject the politics of punishment. The politics of harsh austerity and a treadmill of never ending debt repayments have seen Greek people pushed to the extremes of poverty.

 A country where more than half of all young people cannot find work and one in four of all people are unemployed.

 A country where even essential medicines have not been available to the poorest. Where child malnutrition rates reach levels not seen since World War 2 and depression has become a national health issue.

 A country that has seen its youngest and brightest leave in their hundreds of thousands.

 We do not recognise the claim of any external government or bank or other authority to persist in imposing their policies onto the Greek people – let alone policies that have brought such misery.

 For this country, and the Greek people, we say enough is enough.

 We pledge to stand with the Greek people and support their struggle for hope, dignity and justice.


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About Us

Australia-Greece Solidarity Campaign

The Australia-Greece Solidarity Campaign has been inspired by the resistance of the Greek people to the harsh austerity program imposed on that country.

We have come together to:

  • support and celebrate the determined resistance by all those opposing ‘austerity measures’ and to oppose the marginalisation of communities.
  • support the right of the Greek people to democratically determine their own future free from external intervention.
  • learn from the Greek resistance to these austerity policies


About this Blog

This Blog has been created to bring up to date information in English on the situation in Greece. Its focus is on the humanitarian crisis that has been unleashed by the politics of austerity. It also provides information on how to support and join the Australia-Greece Solidarity Campaign.

New posts can be found on the ‘All Posts’ page.

What we Do

  • Support and build activity around these aims throughout Australia, including with trade unions, students, environmental groups, Greek-Australian associations, cultural and political organisations, social movements and faith groups.
  • Publicise the activities and campaigns of SYRIZA and other Greek organisations opposing the austerity program imposed on the Greek people
  • Provide accurate and reliable information on the situation in Greece and expose the myths about the causes of the crisis.
  • Utilise social media for the distribution of information including the translation of materials from Greek to English
  • Develop practical acts of solidarity with Greek working people and communities
  • Organise and support meetings, discussions, lobbies, publications, media work, as well as musical and cultural events.
  • Encourage contact with Greece through activities such as delegations and partnerships across countries.
  • Work with solidarity organisations in Australia and link with similar solidarity groups and anti-austerity campaigns in Australia and other countries.


Membership is open to individuals resident in Australia.

Members elect a coordinating committee at each AGM.

The coordinating committee appoints a national coordinator to manage the implementation of the organisational program and ad hoc activities.

The coordinating committee will establish working groups that will take the lead in undertaking work and organising solidarity activities across different sectors, including:

  • Greek communities
  • Trade unions
  • Student movement
  • Environment
  • Art and culture
  • Australian political parties
  • Social movements and faith groups
  • Social media and translation of materials


Other organisations are able to endorse the organisation.

6 thoughts on “Let Greece Breathe

  1. Oxi to humiliation, poverty and serfdom! Nai to rebuilding with dignity and compassion! To real economic solutions that will help Greece to grow and recover. To respecting the will of the Greek people! I honour the courage of the Greek people in their vote yesterday – let us share this campaign among friends and family to show the world that the Greek people are not alone in their struggle, and that a growing tide of people support them.

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