Businessman bankrolled neonazi Golden Dawn branch, defector claims

Just getting comfortable....

Just getting comfortable….

Unidentified defector tells US organisation Human Rights First that a New Democracy businessman gave financial backing to his Golden Dawn branch because he wanted it to do well in the 2012 elections so that New Democracy could end its coalition with socialist Pasok and team up with Golden Dawn instead.

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Golden Dawn and the Heart of Darkness

August 17, 1944

August 17, 1944

The emergence of the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn has been highlighted again by a recent attack on a school for migrants in the Kokkinia district of Pireus. They deliver a  toxic cocktail of messages of hate coupled with violance and acts of terror on communities they seek to subjugate.  Vandals broke into the school causing damage and leaving messages of hate and claiming responsibility on behalf of Golden Dawn. For many Greeks these violent acts in a proud working class district of the Pireus port town were a horrible reminder of fascist atrocities committed 70 years earlier in Kokkinia.

The “Kokkinia Blockade” is remembered as a tragedy for Kokkinia, where mass executions were carried out in the region by the occupying fascist troops of Germany.

Around 3am Thursday, August 17, 1944, dozens of hiking and motorized divisions of the German army with Greek Nazi collaborationists invaded and surrounded Kokkinia. In the early morning hours, the Nazi collaborationists demanded men aged 14-60 years old to appear in the main square (plaza Osias Ksenis) to be controlled.

 Then, the Germans invaded homes and those found there or in the surrounding neighborhoods, were executed on the spot.  After a few hours around 20,000 people were in the square and the collaborationists (wearing hoods not to be recognized) indicated to the Nazis the Greek patriots.  They were led to the junkyard of Nikaia (a few blocks away from the square) and after being charged as communists they were executed.  Along with the mass executions, the Germans pillaged and burned dozens of homes.  At the end of the day thousands of corpses were transferred and buried in the Third Cemetery of Nikaia, and about 8,000 Kokkiniotes were taken as hostages and held at the Haidari camp.

Immediately after the attack on the Piraeus Open Immigrant School (OPEN SCHOOL), Syriza’s Piraeus Chapter released the following statement in condemnation and seeking a broad based resistance to the violent threat posed by Golden Dawn. 

It is imperative to put an end to the criminal action of the Neonazi group in the working class neighborhoods of Piraeus.  

On the eve of the remembrance day of the “Kokkinia Blockade”, the political descendants of the Nazi collaborationists decided to “celebrate” the anniversary with yet another racist attack.  This time, the target of the Neonazi assassins of Golden Dawn was the OPEN SCHOOL.  During the evenings of 14th to 15th of August, they vandalized the building where the OPEN SCHOOL is housed, as well as the 14th High School of Piraeus in Palia Kokkinia.  They broke down iron bars, destroyed windows and tried to steal electronic equipment from the school.

 They painted the walls of the classes where our children live and study daily by signing “GOLDEN DAWN-YOUTH BLOCK”.  All these just one day before the “Kokkinia Blockade” anniversary!

 In Kokkinia, the neighborhood of refugees and of working class and antifascist battles, the vandalism and terrorism of the Neonazi will not be tolerated!

 The schools, the streets, the squares and the public space of this city belong to all citizens, irrespective of their race or origin, to the workers, the unemployed, the youth and not to the Neonazi gangs that are trying to spread hatred and convince them that the crisis has been caused by the immigrants, thereby supporting in the most outrageous way the policies of the Samaras-Venizelos government that have impoverished the Greek people.

 We support the OPEN SCHOOL and those who have volunteered to create it: we support its 10 year solidarity action and contribution to education and culture;  a contribution that has been recognized by the society of Kokkinia, Piraeus and more broadly.

 It is imperative to put an end to the criminal action of the Neonazi group in the working class neighborhoods of Piraeus.

 We call every democratic citizen to join a broad anti-fascist block in order to continue to fight for neighborhoods of solidarity and coexistence with no place for hatred and intolerance, for the struggling people of Kokkinia and Piraeus, for every worker and unemployed, for a better life for all of us

 Kokkinia knows well about immigration- Oust The Fascists From Our Neighborhoods-Fascism Never Again.” 

Perish-Troika – dying regime’s last brainwave


In apparent panic at the prospect of a SYRIZA election victory,  Brussels is considering stopping Troika’s operations in overseeing the economic reforms in Greece.

According to an exclusive Reuters report, even though the discussion is still at an early stage, it is expected to flare up as Greece and its partners in the Euro zone are planning a new course for the country, as the second bailout program is coming to a close at the end of 2014.

According to Reuters, “dismantling the troika, a trio made up of the European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund and likened by some in Greece to the German Nazi occupation, would likely be central to the new plan for Athens.”

After Ireland and Portugal exited their bailout programs, Troika has only been active in Greece and Cyprus and many experts believe that Greece will be needing a new aid package.

However, changing to a “reform-for-debt-relief” program that would require less supervision could reduce public reactions and strengthen the coalition government against SYRIZA  which is leading in the polls, added Reuters.

On the other hand, the IMF could continue its own program until 2016, continuing “to exert influence on Athens.”


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Greece, Bankers and Privatisation – Selling the European soul

Stoa of Attalos

Stoa of Attalos

Greece’s subservient government is now pushing hard to open up new frontiers for privatization, with some 77.000 state assets slated for sale, including a host of historic marinas and idyllic islands, a number of ancient palaces, and large stretches of the country’s spectacular and unspoilt coastline.

Yet, the social and political opposition to the Troika’s privatization drive has been so fierce that the Greek government has already had to scale back its projected proceeds from 50 billion euros by 2015 to a “mere” 11 billion euros by 2016. While this hardly constitutes a victory, it does reveal the hostile social and political terrain on which the Troika and the Greek government currently have to navigate.

from an article written by Jerome Roos in Roar mag, for full  article see here

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