Resources and Links

Humanitarian Crisis

State of the Children in Greece Report 2012 Summary

Human Rights Commission – A.HRC.23.46.Add.4_Greece

Human Rights Watch


Blogs on the humanitarian crisis

Dawn of the Greeks


Political Analysis

The European Crisis 2012


Economic Analysis

SYRIZA -Political and Economic Analysis 2013

Levy Institute – Greece and the experience of Austerity

Varoufakis – Economic Analysis


Left GR – SYRIZA Resource Unit

Political Resolution from Inaugural Congress 2013

Interesting analysis of the rise of SYRIZA and significance for the international left

Spourdalakis – The Rise of SYRIZA 2012

Wainwright – SYRIZA 2012

The Possibility and Challenges of the Left in Government in Greece and the May 25 European ElectionsPresentation by: Leo Panitch – Canada Research Chair in Comparative Political Economy and Distinguished Research Professor of Political Science at York University. Presented by The Chair in Modern Greek History, York University, in partnership with OPIRG-Toronto. Click here to view presentation:

Newspapers and Blogs (English)

Sto Kokkino


The Press Project

To Vima – English translation

Kathimerini – Conservative Newspaper

Neos Kosmos – Australian Greek Newspaper


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