Sovereignty, dignity and democratic rights of the Greek people must be respected

The Australia Greece Solidarity Campaign is calling on community leaders in Australia to endorse a common statement and principles for a just and sustainable resolution to the Greek and European financial crisis. These are attached below. We further call on the Federal Government to play a constructive role in its dealings with IMF and Eurozone leadership to support these principles.

Statement regarding European Financial Crisis

The Australia Greece Solidarity Campaign notes that:

  1. This escalating crisis which is engulfing Europe can only be resolved through a mutual respect of sovereignty, people’s dignity and democratic principles and not through blackmail and the imposition of harsh, punitive and unsustainable austerity measures.
  1. The blatant attempts by some European leaders and bankers to intimidate the Greek people into submission lowers the tone in Europe to a level not seen since darker times in its history and sets a dangerous precedent for dispute resolution in the future with other countries facing similar situations.
  1. The referendum question that the Greek people will vote on relates to the Austerity bailout package, not the Euro currency or EU membership. Attempts to confuse this issue or draw other conclusions are not conducive to resolving this crisis.

At this critical time, Australia can play a constructive role in promoting a sustainable resolution to this crisis by noting these concerns in its dealings with the IMF and other European institutions and we call on the Federal Government to play such a role.

The Australia Greece Solidarity Campaign

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