The “red lines” of the Greek Government – are the “red lines” of the Greek people

Statement by the Political Secretariat of SYRIZA on recent political developments and the negotiations between the Greek Government and the Institutions.

Adopted May 14, 2015

From the first moment that this govePoster solidarity Greece May 14 2015rnment was established, it became clear – both domestically, and abroad – that the mandate given by the Greek people is binding and constitutes the compass for the negotiations. The “red lines” of the Greek government are also the “red lines” of the Greek people. They express the interests of the workers, self-employed, pensioners, farmers and the youth. They express the need of the country to embark on a new path of development, having at its core social justice and the redistribution of wealth.

The lenders’ persistence on the implementation of the Memorandum program agreed by the Samaras’ government, while creating a stranglehold on the country through increased political pressure and liquidity asphyxiation, comes in direct contrast to the ideal of democracy and popular sovereignty in Europe.

It expresses the obsessive commitment to austerity which deconstructs the social state. The oligarchic direction of European affairs, stipulated in closed rooms in a way that is completely unaffected by the popular will, paves the way for the rise of Extreme Right in Europe.

These demands cannot be accepted. They cannot be accepted by the Greek people who have been struggling hard, for many years, to put an end to the criminal policies of the Memoranda. They cannot be accepted by the European peoples and the progressive social and political forces, that struggle for a Europe of Solidarity and Democracy.

The citizens of Greece and the citizens of Europe are not passive consumers of the 8 o’ clock evening news. On the contrary, we strongly believe that they can be the protagonists in these negotiations which are crucial for our common future in Europe and the world.

SYRIZA will take every initiative needed to inform the Greek society and the European peoples. In every city, every neighborhood, every working place, but also in all countries of Europe, the MPs, the MEPs, the cadres of SYRIZA, along with the members of SYRIZA and every social and political force that stands with us in solidarity, will join in a broad call for mobilization for the victory of democracy and dignity.

Now is the time for the people to join the battle.

We shall win.

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