The Next Hundred Days

leger image - JulieIn an interview with Jacobin magazine, Elena Papadopoulou gives her views on the origins of crisis and what Syriza must do now to bring about real change. Government survival is not enough. It needs to rise above the turmoil and be putting in place the pieces that will connect survival with real change for the longer term. It needs to be retaining the trust or ordinary Greeks while showing Europe there can be another way.

Elena Papadopoulou is working as an economic adviser to the Mr. Euclid Tsakalotos, the Greek alternate minister on international economical affairs.

In the short period of the bridging agreement, Syriza’s goal should be to keep its red lines, while at the same time pursuing a left-wing agenda that connects short-term measures with medium-term policies that lead to social transformation.

At the same time, it needs to convince the people — inside and outside Greece — that the application of such a program is indispensable for Greece to survive and develop, and that the reason that the government pursues it is because anything else would destroy its society.

When this short period finishes, we have to make sure that we have made progress in both fronts: on the one hand keep putting the question of the political and economic impasses of the eurozone, taking into account all those facts that show that this is actually the case, and on the other, pushing a genuine left-wing agenda forward so that our social base can be reassured that we will not abandon its interests.

Bringing fairness, equality, and hope for Greece to escape the vicious circle of austerity is the only credible guideline for the government, not only for the negotiation period, but for its governance overall.

The full interview can be found here

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