Before the talks begin


The game of ‘pretend and extend’ with unsustainabe debt is over. The serious negotiations are about to begin. For the first time the EU is sending clear signals it wants to negotiate a way out for Greece and the rest of Europe. Martin Schulz, the President of the European Parliament, posted on social media, which included this quote:

But for all the “antis”, Syriza is not in my view an anti-European party. I know Prime Minister Tsipras well. He is outspoken and charismatic and I also believe he is a pragmatic politician.

I have met him in Brussels and Athens, and we have debated as lead-candidates to the Presidency of the European Commission, I as candidate of the Party of European Socialists and he as candidate of the European Left. An anti-European would not stand in a competition with the aim of being chosen as President of the European Commission, no matter how improbable that option would have been for him.

On Sunday, there was thus no European drama in Greece. Tsipras will not bring Greece out of the eurozone, and the eurozone will not force Greece out. This is in no one’s interest. Yet, Prime Minister Tsipras needs to realise that to succeed he must reach out for compromise both inside and outside the country.

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So, the nuclear option has just been taken off the table and everyone wants to play nice. Good.

But Mr. Schulz, the Greek government will not forget there are millions of Greeks suffering. Words dont save lives and end debt misery. Even the weak economic growth we see now in Greece will evaporate once the debt repayment schedule comes into effect and sucks the lifeblood out of the Greek conomy. Negotiate and agree on the basis of what is needed for the future – food, shelter and security for people, with investment for economic growth.

Living in the fantasy land of recovering money that was lost by irresponsible bankers and corrupt governments many years ago is the surest way to damnation – for everyone.

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