Tsipras – Fiscal water-boarding is holding Greece back

Awaterboardingnti-austerity leader Alexis Tsipras said Greece can’t repay its debt as long as its creditors enforce “fiscal waterboarding” and signaled he’ll boost government spending if his Syriza alliance wins power.

In an op-ed article in Germany’s Handelsblatt newspaper, Tsipras said the notion that Greece’s economy has stabilized is an “arbitrary distortion of the facts.” He said that while the economy grew 0.7 percent in the third quarter, the recession isn’t over because inflation was a negative 1.8 percent. “The truth is that Greece’s debt cannot be repaid as long as our economy is subjected to constant fiscal waterboarding,” Tsipras said in Handelsblatt.

“German taxpayers have nothing to fear from a Syriza government,” Tsipras said. “Our goal is not to seek confrontation with our partners, more credits or a blank check for new deficits.”

see full article in Businessweek

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