SYRIZA closes in on victory – Outgoing Samaras in desperate U-turn


A Metron Analysis poll released late on Friday showed Syriza leading, with 27.1% against 23.8% for Samaras’s New Democracy. Between 9 and 16% of voters are undecided.

“The question is not if they win, but by how much,” said Paschos Mandravelis, a prominent political commentator.

“The difference is between a rough three and four percentage points and I don’t see it closing,” said professor Dimitris Keridis, who teaches political science at Athens’s Panteion University. “Samaras is facing the inevitability of defeat,” he told the Observer.

With elections barely two weeks away and every poll against him, Greek prime minister Antonis Samaras began to sing from a different hymn sheet this weekend, focusing on his government’s handling of the economy in a desperate bid to win round voters.

Unveiling a plan of national growth and reform in Athens on Saturday and dropping claims that a vote for the leftwing Syriza party would lead Greece into chaos, the premier sought to convince Greeks that only his conservative New Democracy party could guide the crisis-plagued country to economic recovery.

“The strategy of fear that the conservatives have campaigned on clearly hasn’t worked,” said Paschos Mandravelis, a prominent political commentator. “Greeks are not buying the theory that the opposition poses a danger, so now Samaras is altering course.”

See full story in The Guardian here

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