Stathis – Wishes for a Happy New Year

Stathis Kali xronia

What do you wish for when your country is living in a state of economic ruins? A humanitarian disaster like nothing since the end of World War II. The Greek cartoonist Stathis penned his wishes in January 2015. Stathis wishes have been translated from the Greek for our audience.

Greece has completed a historic cycle. One that was counterproductive, anti-popular, decadent. If Greece is not renewed, it will remain under threat and likely to shrink, to be dismembered, to be lost. We should be done and finished with the current political practice of “greasing connections” that work like the mythical Hydra – they drain every ounce from creative society and cripple any possibility to change how we produce.

End the political complicity and the corruption it produces. High and low. Let’s finish with the parties who served the corruption, with Prime Ministers who were receiving commands from “pimps” or delivered to them. Oppressing the people, their rights, and their life. Be done with the servitude which led us to the corruption and without which the latter is just a scarecrow, an empty shirt.

 Be done with those who humiliated us. With those who denigrated the country. They have a name and surname. Deny them in the elections. Hold them to account. Who and why they enslaved the country with the Memorandums. Those who benefited from the debacle of the people. Be done with that abomination, and bring on the catharsis so that we can continue to exist. No compromise with the fashionable political suits whose policies left people languishing with cancer and without medicine and children malnourished.

 Be done with those dummies that accepted external commands and made the country a special economic zone. They have a name and surname. Those who ripped apart the working culture and denigrated the society. Those who have divided the classes and slashed salaries and pensions, closed shops and houses. They must come across and be brought face to face with their deeds.

 Political rejection should be the first action against those who relinquished the sovereignty of the country, treating her wealth, airports, infrastructure, resources, as if they had inherited them from their fathers.

 Be done with those who threaten to auction our homes. The same ones that simultaneously protect tax evaders. Now in 2015, we find ourselves with ramshackle schools with substandard hospitals, yet with administration centres of some beauty. Be done with them. They have done great harm to the country, all these incompetents. Those who for years have tried to make us feel guilty if we mentioned the words freedom, equality, social justice, working class, pride, homeland, and selflessness.

Be done with this horde and their damned laziness and self-interest. End the ideological terrorism of the cynics and of the moralists. End tax terrorism of the poor. Be done with the pompous words of overflowing froth of Venizelos. Be done with the hysterical and untrue teachings of the extreme right clique exploiting New Democracy and is infesting Greece.

 Be done with the bribed, the opportunists, and the plain ridiculous who change parties like its a shirt, with the publicity seekers, liars and the thick skins. With the hypocrites who are grieving for the pain they inflict up on many people. Be done with the empty headed that call the people “populists”. Be done with the beasts that caused so many suicides.

 Be done with this noose of the insane that strangles the country. Be done with those that scoff at people and blame them for their existence – unless they accept to be slaves and vegetate. Be done with the lackeys and stains – those who dishonoured the elderly, humiliated and beat up the workers and the female cleaners. We got enough of their manure and we can’t breathe anymore. Let’s finish with their Venizelos, Samaras, and the Giorgakis and all the far-right Berlin stooges. Be done with the illusory tricks such as the new party of Potami and the Black Hand of the powerful (such as the Golden Dawn). And those who can’t stand the glare of the flood light, should stand aside. And those who in advance prepare to disappoint the people, by saying that that such projects are not feasible, they should stand aside too.

 The caravan of the Left will proceed. Because only the people (who else?), can change things. The people put their backs and supported Greece every time she tripped and fell. The people that offered their sweat, their blood and the Saints and the heroes that society needed to advance. Be done with the smart-arses who say that we do not need any heroics and saints. Those who ring dry reason and make it a reactive propaganda in the hands of the Strong. Be done with the Goebbels and the submissive. Those who hate the people, because they now vomit with their own soul. Be done and bring the minimum wage to 750 euros, bring back the collective agreements, and let dignity be part of the ordinary person on the street.

 To restore the Constitution, defend institutions and improve them, to align with the good and honest in every place of work, in neighborhoods. To highlight the heroes, doctors, teachers, soldiers, to offer the worker and the farmer prices they deserve, to show respect for the elderly, defend the weak, migrants and outcasts.

To reclaim pride in ourselves not a rogue state and a society that’s dominated by Greek nationalists. Find solidarity, mutual respect, camaraderie, joint effort and we will find ways and resources. We will reverse the”economy of Horrors” and at the center of political will, we will find the human. A human with mistakes and weakneses,but each one a whole universe, precious and unique. No one should have to fear themselves so vulnerable as to have their life stolen, their soul turned into a living hell.

“Utopian”, some would say is all of that.With those who say this, we must finish. Because the issue is political. And in our country(as in many other countries) the policies pursued have brought society to deadlock and left it in state of chaos. It is therefore imperative that we finish with this politics and its players. A first step must be taken now and there are indications the people in the great part are ready to do it. The other mob will fall on the people to wreck them.Divisions and threats,blackmail, virtual reality and creative accounting. And we must finish with them. We have to deal with their scarecrows, living dead, vampires and zombies they will animate to try and scare us.

 Do away with this vermin.. This year begins with hopes that warm many hearts. Millions of citizens who, if they find that the overthrow of the tyranny of the wicked and unworthy is really possible, will come together.

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