Knowing when its time to go…..

ΣΚΟΥΡΙΕΣ  sas ferame nerakia

On Nov 17 there were the usual protests around Greece marking the anniversary of the polytechnic uprising with the usual scuffles that go on.

A bit of  a scandal emerged because one incident was captured with high quality video in the exarcheia district of Athens. Its just the usual police harrassment with loads of motorcycles moving in a threatening way into a hostile neighbourhood. It got coverage because the police raided a small kiosk, pushed the vendor around and stole the poor guy’s water bottles. All captured on video.
One week later, there were rolling battles with police in the Chalkidiki region (a beautiful area on the coast northern Greece) which has been opened up to gold mining with terrible environmental and social consequences. The riot police have been going heavy with the tear gas and laying into people etc.
So some wag left a packet of water bottles and the note in front of the police station –
Stop hitting us. We have brought you little bottles of water. SOS Chalkidiki 
(SOS is the name of the anti-mine campaign)
When a regime bears the brunt of such easy ridicule, you know its time is nearly up.

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