France and Friends: Merkel Increasingly Isolated on Austerity

from Spiegel online

from Spiegel online

In France, among the ruling Socialists, many believe the blame for France’s current troubles doesn’t lie mainly with themselves and their unwillingness to push through structural reforms. Rather, they blame Germany’s austerity policies in Europe. Indeed, the only disagreement among the French left is the question as to how loudly they should voice their displeasure. In a sense, it is that question which resulted in last week’s fall of the French government. It tripped over Merkel.

French President François Hollande released his cabinet last Monday largely because Prime Minister Manuel Valls wanted to finally rid himself of his left-wing critics, Economics Minister Arnaud Montebourg first among them. Montebourg had loudly complained of European austerity and demanded that the French government cease taking heed of the “obsessions of the German right.”

See full story in Spiegel  here

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