Who needs a Parliament when you got a Troika


We’ve come for the money. Who’s got the money?

At around 5pm, and following a tumultuous day in parliament it was suddenly announced that legislative body would be shut for the next two weeks. SYRIZA officials have angrily denounced the move as a trick to avoid key parliamentary debates.

Rumours had been circulating since yesterday that, following the vote over the suspension of the parliamentary immunity of Golden Dawn MPs, parliament would be shut down early, remaining closed for the next two weeks until the smaller summer assemblies get under way. This was confirmed around 17.00 by an official notice posted on the parliament’s entrance.The reasoning ostensibly was that over the next two weeks there are no votes or other activities due which would require a plenary session.Yet this was immediately contradicted by SYRIZA which has for months requested parliamentary discussions on a range of topics. The opposition party’s parliamentary spokesperson Panagiotis Lafazanis claimed that the closure was a unilateral move to defer key parliamentary debates until the autumn.

See full article from Press Project here

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