Greece comes first in sex – new tax is on the cards

erotic greek coinHaving fallen to the bottom of pretty much every statistical table in existence, Greece has surprised German researchers by topping the international league table for the average number of times having sex in a year. The magic number for the Greeks was 164 times per year, compared to the 111 average for the Germans. As the reporter for Kathimerini newspaper noted, that is barely over 2 times per week for the Germans.

With more than three out of five young people unemployed, and more than one in four of all people unemployed, that spells a lot of free time for some free fun.

Responding to rising speculation in the markets, the Finance Minister Mr Stournaras refused to rule out at this early stage the possible introduction of any new tax on sex. However, the smart money is saying the ‘sex tax’ is clearly not on the cards. Speaking on condition of annonymity, one analyst said; “The entire government Ministry and backbenchers would be bankrupted and jailed for life given the unconsensual acts they have committed on the Greek population just in the past 12 months”. The analyst did concede however, that it would be techncially possible for the government to grant itself immunity from the sex tax, which would mean it would be back on the table for the rest of the Greek population.

see full Kathimerini article in Greek here

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