Arms that bind – German corruption scandal

how much for the extra big one?

Does that come with any freebies?

Two former German MPs with the SPD party received payments in excess of 5 million euros from the company Krauss-Maffei-Wegmann according to an article in Sueddeutsche Zeitung. According to the paper the apparent bribes are connected with suspect deals struck by the Munich-based arms company in Greece.

The article adds that over the last decade the company had contracts worth about 2 billion euros to supply the Greek government with Leopard-2 tanks and howitzers.

“The fact that payments to the longtime MPs of the SPD came to light during the internal investigations of KMW over the armoured vehicle contracts raises the suspicion that this money was used to influence the order placed by Athens,” the paper writes, noting that, neither KMW nor the two former MPs “wanted to comment on whether a part of the funds was given, for example, to politicians of the then governing Social Democratic PASOK party in Greece.”

See full article here


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