SYRIZA Take the Lead – Latest Polling before Euro-elections

Synedrio - youth

A clear polarisation in the Greek political landscape with SYRIZA assuming a dominant position. These are the latest published results going into the last week of campaigning in the Euroelections. See To BHMA newspaper for full report.

A survey conducted by Palmos Analysis for the TVXS website regarding the upcoming European election shows that SYRIZA has a 5% lead over government party New Democracy.

The survey results for the European elections are:

  • SYRIZA – 25.3%
  • New Democracy – 20.3%
  • Golden Dawn – 5.7%
  • The River – 4.9%
  • KKE – 4.6%
  • ANEL – 3.6%
  • DIMAR – 2.6%
  • LAOS – 1%
  • Ecologists-Greens – 0.9%
  • Undecided – 13.3%

The vast majority of respondents claimed that the European elections are important or very important, while 85% stated that they would vote and 10% would probably vote.

About 51% of respondents believe that SYRIZA will form the next government, while 39% disagree. Meanwhile, 48% of respondents felt that a SYRIZA government will be better than the current New Democracy-PASOK coalition, which has a 39% approval rating.

The potential victory of SYRIZA in relation to the economy troubled 40% of respondents, while 50% disagree with the statement. The survey also showed that 46% believe that a SYRIZA will cause political instability, compared to 48% who disagree with the position.

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